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  • • Expert Video Access [?]
    Expert Video Access
    Access to curated advice videos made by our legal experts.
  • • Startup ‘How-to’ Checklists [?]
    Startup ‘How-to’ Checklists
    No more guessing—these checklists walk you through all legal components of your startup step-by-step.
  • • Community Forum Access [?]
    Community Forum Access
    Other members are already in your shoes. Access to the community forum lets you create discussion and get insight!
  • • Zoom Room Access for Live Expert Videos and Chat
  • • Startup Lifecycle
  • • Video Course


Everything from Basic, and:
    Membership details:
  • • Zoom Room Access for Live Expert Videos and Chat [?]
    Zoom Room Access
    Our experts deliver live advice videos via video conference using Zoom. Watch live videos and chat to get instant advice!
  • • Startup Lifecycl [?]
    Startup Lifecycle
    Wondering what’s next for your startup? We have a full write up to show you how it should be progressing along.
  • • Video Course [?]
    Video Course
    AOur in-depth video course will guide you through every stage of your startup and show you exactly what to do next.
  • • Agreement Forms
  • • Trademarks
  • • Terms of Use
  • • Privacy Policies
  • • IP Rights Clearance


Everything from Basic, Standard, and:
    Membership details:
  • • Operating Agreement [?]
    Operating Agreement
    A fillable form that outlines the operations of your startup.
  • • Contribution Agreement (LLC) [?]
    Contribution Agreement (LLC)
    A fillable form that clarifies who owns what and who handles which tasks.
  • • Founders’ Stock Purchases [?]
    Founder’s Stock Purchases
    A fillable form that outlines the stock ownership of each founding member.
  • • Agreement Forms [?]
    Agreement Forms
    Fillable forms that clarify what each party does or does not do.
  • • Trademarks [?]
    Fillable forms that easily allow you to apply for trademarks for your startup brand.
  • • Website Terms of Use [?]
    Website Terms of Use
    Fillable terms of use for your website that outline the proper use of your product or service.
  • • Privacy Policies [?]
    Privacy Policies
    A fillable form that generates terms of how you gather and use the data of users.
  • • IP Rights Clearance [?]
    IP Rights Clearance
    A fillable form that generates your rights to use certain intellectual properties.