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  • • Essential Legal Information for Startups [?]
    Essential Legal Information
    Access written and video resources for insight on key startup legal issues.
  • • "How-to" Checklists for Basic Legal Tasks [?]
    "How-to" Checklists on Basic Legal Tasks.
    No more guessing. Checklists outline basic legal tasks step-by-step.
  • • Pre-recorded Legal Presentations and Videos [?]
    Pre-recorded Presentations and Videos
    Learn about legal topics and documents from the experts.
  • • Community Forum Access [?]
    Community Forum Access
    Other members are already in your shoes. Access to the community forum to join the discussion and get insight on how other startups do legal!


Everything from Basic, and:
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  • • In-depth "How-to" Checklists on Legal Tasks + [?]
    In-depth Checklists
    Need more checklists or more than an outline? Access our entire library of checklists featuring expanded information.
  • • Live Zoom Presentations on Legal Topics and Documents [?]
    Live Zoom Presentations and Chat
    Experts deliver live presentations on legal topics and documents via Zoom with live chat.
  • • Basic Interactive Legal Documents [?]
    Interactive Documents
    Access basic, startup-focused legal documents.
  • • Intellectual Property Information [?]
    IP Information
    Find information on intellectual property - what it is, how it's protected, and how it fits in a startup business.
  • • Web-based Business Information [?]
    Online Business Guidance
    Unsure what your web-based business needs to be "legal"? Learn about terms of use, privacy policies and copyright issues.


Everything from Basic, Standard, and:
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  • • Limited Participant Live Presentations and Chat. [?]
    Limited Enrollment Presentations
    Sign up for small seminars and presentations to be sure you get your questions answered.
  • • Expanded Interactive Document Bank.[?]
    More documents!
    Access more documents and get the individual help you need to complete them.
  • • Get Answers to Your Specific Questions! [?]
    Your Questions Answered.
    Ask questions and get advice on using platform resources for YOUR startup.
  • • Comprehensive Checklist Bank on Areas of Concern to Most Startups. [?]
    Checklists including advanced topics.
    Get informed on topics of concern to your startup - beyond the basics.
  • • Need More Help? Ask Us Directly! [?]
    Individual Help.
    Access to our lawyers to help you with Lexcela resources.