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The Legal Accelerator for Startup Companies

Clean Legal Foundation

Most startup entrepreneurs don’t have the time, knowledge, or money to address their legal needs. Lexcela gives you startup-specific legal tools to help your company thrive. With a clean legal foundation, your startup can attract investors and scale successfully.

A startup is a business venture dedicated to finding and validating a repeatable and scalable business model to address a marketplace need or problem. Sometimes startups want to create a paradigm shift in an industry and sometimes they simply aim to build a better mousetrap. If this is your company, Lexcela is purpose-built to help you.

Resources Designed for Startup

Startups sometimes put off legal because they think it requires a lot of time and money. If there are two things many founders don’t have, they are time and money. Lexcela solves this problem by offering high quality self-help resources, education and training on startup legal topics, and support to help you use platform resources effectively.

We do not waste your time by giving generic advice and providing general purpose documents.

Every resource on Lexcela is designed specifically for the needs of startup companies.

If your company cannot afford a lawyer or can only afford limited lawyer time, Lexcela helps maximize your legal budget. Lexcela helps you do many legal tasks and documents yourself. Better yet, Lexcela resources are available whenever you need them. You can also check out our webinars and office hours to learn more about legal topics and documents in a live presentation format.

Unsure what you need ?
Take a look at our startup resources and blog posts, which cover topics most startups need to know
Need guidance ?
Check out our checklists addressing common legal tasks.
Unsure how to evaluate document ?
Sign up for one of our document-specific trainings to help you figure out what you need to know.
Meeting Slots With Lexcella

If you’re unsure how to use something, or confused about what to use, just ask. We can provide general guidance on platform resources to all users. If that is not enough, our Premium subscription allows you to get to set up a limited legal relationship us so we can provide individualized help.

Like your company, Lexcela is a startup. We live legal, sure, but we are also in the trenches building a business, just like you.

Lexcela’s offerings are not static. Our user’s needs are paramount, and available legal resources will grow in response to user needs. If we are not helping your company address its basic legal needs quickly and efficiently, we are failing in our mission. We welcome your feedback, good or bad.

Legal services are our world. Lexcela hopes to share that world with your startup in a way that saves you time and money at the same time it helps you build a solid legal foundation. A good legal foundation will set up your company for everything that comes next, from hiring employees to landing your first funding round. Lexcela accelerates legal so you can spend more time accelerating your startup’s business.

Let’s get to work!