What is Lexcela?

Lexcela is the legal accelerator you need to get your startup from idea to exit faster.  Don’t know where to start?  We walk you through step-by-step.

There are a lot of legal documents on the web. But how do you know if that form you found is really right for your company? And how do you know that you haven't missed something? Lexcela helps you cut through the clutter. We offer up-to-date legal information and resources and help you to know when and how to use them correctly. Lexcela also provides a digital community of startup attorneys and entrepreneurs to inform and guide your company through legal decisions. Your Lexcela membership gives you access to legal content, curated how-to videos and live training sessions. More importantly, it gives you an instant community that’s dedicated to your success.

Our dashboard puts legal resources, a panel of experts and a startup community right at your fingertips.